Our Sustainable Efforts

For Cinnamon Nature Trails, work in the wilds is not business, it’s a way of life.
We look at our guides, drivers and village suppliers as members of our extended family and we strive to assist their livelihoods through our work.

As Sri Lanka gets worldwide attention focused on its natural world, tourists flock to experience Sri Lanka’s jewels in the wild, it is imperative to develop a sustainable model to showcase our stewardship towards environment and conservation.


Project Leopard: Currently we are conducting Project Leopard which focuses on enhancing the livelihood of cattle farmers in the surrounding villagers while protecting this most elusive cat; The Leopard. It is a win-win situation for the Cattle Farmers and Leopards which is minimizing the human leopard conflict, bordering the Yala National Park of Sri Lanka. This project has now assisted 75 farmer families and already been rewarded by multiple recognition awards for its effectiveness.


Whale Watching: We were the first to launch sustainable Whale watching in the east coast while encouraging the villagers to be a part of our efforts. We strictly use only 40HP 4 stroke silent engines and we employ village fisher folk as our drivers training them to conduct whale watching to meet the highest standards.


Cinnamon Elephant Project:
This is another significant effort to study and make data available for Government to  mitigate the Elephant-Human conflict in the North-Central province of Sri Lanka.
We are happy to announce the sponsoring of 3 satellite radio collars which were successfully placed on elephants  and the data is been collated by Sri Lanka’s best known Elephant scientist Dr.Pruthu Fernando.