Ultimate Tiger Safari to India with Cinnamon Nature Trails

Tracking the Magnificent Tigers of Ranthambhore National Park, India on a photographic safari

Amongst all big cats, the Tiger reigns as the largest predator in the Panthera genus. Males weighing in at over 250 kilograms, they are truly the most majestic of all cats and a must see for all animals lovers.

Cinnamon Nature Trails, the award winning wildlife and adventure tourism division of Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, now offers a unique photographic safari to explore India’s premier national park for Tigers, Ranthambhore.

We specialize in taking the yearning nature lover to wild and free areas exploring the wealth of wilderness that still remains in our world. This expedition to Rajasthan and Ranthambhore is with a focus on the tiger.. and we carry a 100% record of seeing multiple Tigers during all our very succesfukl safaris concluded to India.

In May 2016, Chitral and Vimukthi conducted a Safari that yielded 13 Tiger sightings and this time, we are going after young cubs seen at Ranthanbhore along with the majestic T 19 ( Krishna) the daughter of the much celebrated Tigress ‘Machli’ who passed away recently.

They then conducted 2 more Tiger safaris in 2017 with another staggering 17 Tiger sightings, and are set to head back to Tiger country in April of 2018.

“Selecting the best seasons to almost definitely see Tigers and tracking these big cats is just magic” says Chitral Jayatilake, Head of Eco Tourism at Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts. With over thirty years of experience in tracking and photographing Sri Lanka’s leopards, Chitral will personally lead these limited expeditions and also conduct a Photographic workshop during the safari sharing his experiances with the travelling guests with Cinnamon Nature Trails.

The tours will also be accompanied by Vimukthi Weeratunga, who is a Wildlife & Fisheries Biologist by training, graduated with a BSc majoring in Wildlife & Fisheries Biology from the Oregon State University, Oregon, USA. He was trained under the Wildlife Institute of India on wildlife management.

“This adventure is for the Big Cat Lovers, an opportunity to track and photograph the largest land based predator in Asia, bring along your love of the jungles and loads of patience, as we head out to the wilds of Ranthambhore tracking its most respected residents. Don’t forget your binoculars,” adds Chitral.

Few have had the good fortune to see this majestic animal in the wilds, the rush of spotting stripes among the shrubs and the chatter of shutters clicking in an unforgettable experience. Daily debriefs on photography will avail opportunities to learn from each other. Bonds made in the forests they say remain forever. Join these limited outings in search of India’s big cat experience in the company of Cinnamon Nature Trails.