Bundala National Park

The Bundala National Park, covering an area of 6216 ha, is located about 250 Km Southeast of Colombo, in the Hambantota District. The park falls within the Southeastern Arid Zone of Sri Lanka, with a general climate that can be classified as hot and dry. Topographically, the park is generally flat with sand dunes varying in width from about 50 –300m bordering the coastline.  Three streams, Malala Oya, Embilikala Oya and Kirindi Oya discharge their waters into the park and adjacent areas. The park consists mainly of dry thorny scrubland and lagoons. The series of shallow brackish water lagoons are special feature of the park and they support large number of migratory birds that visit Sri Lanka during the migratory season. Park is a popular palce for bird watchers and is a home for about 200 species of birds among them about 58 are migratory. Commonly seen species of water birds are, Spot-billed pelican, Lesser Adjutant, Many species of terns, gulls, sand-pipers, snipes, teals, godwits, cormorants, and egrets.

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