Sinharaja Rainforest

The tropical forests of Sri Lanka are a major biome that contains exceptional concentration of threatened species with high level of endemism. The legendary Sinharaja rain forest is the last remaining largest contiguous lowland rain forest in Sri Lanka, covering 11,187ha. Sinharaja forest covers the steep hills and the valleys of Rakwana hills in the south-western part of the country. Sinharaja is undoubtedly the best known and well-studied rain forest in the island. Wonderful array of invertebrate biodiversity of Sinharaja is dominated by the numerous species of insects, which play a significant role in maintaining the complexity of the forest. It is a home for many species of dragonflies, butterflies, freshwater crabs, bugs and beetles that inhabit from the forest floor to the top level of the canopy. It is also home for 320 species of vertebrate species representing almost half of the indigenous vertebrate fauna of Sri Lanka.  Due to its unique biological value, entire area was declared as National Heritage Wilderness Area in 1988, and subsequently, UNESCO has recognized Sinharaja as the first natural world heritage site in Sri Lanka.

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