Brazil – Pantanal Jaguar Tour

Among all elusive cats, Pantanal Jaguars has been identified as the largest subspecies of Jaguars. The expedition takes you to the Pantanals of Brazil, undoubtedly the best place in the world to watch and photograph these amazing cats. In this vast land, two major rivers cross a mosaic of wetlands, savannas and tropical forests: The Cuiabá and Paraguay rivers, lies the renowned Meeting of the Waters State Park, in Porto Jofre, where you will gather with expert field naturalists to witness this magnificent creature.

An exotic tour by boat in search of this elusive cat along the river, maximizes the chances of spotting a Jaguar patrolling the river banks, in search of food or lazing in the hazy sunshine on the forest fringes; this isn’t just mindboggling but also a thrilling experience in the company of Chitral as your tour leader.

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