Cinnamon Wild Yala

Cinnamon delivers an altogether different side of paradise with our Yala wildlife resort – Cinnamon Wild Yala. The rustic resort is located 335km from the airport and sits on the border of the Yala National Park, complete with a tribe of resident grey langur who might just think it fun to jump on your roof in the wee hours of the morning!

The road leading to the hotel is a narrow, dusty one, bordering the massive lake with crocodile, pelican and deer that live in perfect harmony with the hotel. Cinnamon Wild Yala’s strategic location also means that an elephant, wild boar and other feral friends come regularly to visit us from the park next door – and if you’re really lucky, a leopard may pass you by. Stand still, hold your breath and feel your heart pound in your chest. For the lover of the wilderness, the symbiosis of resort and wild will make you feel right at home and give you that rush of adrenaline you’re looking for.

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Jeep Safari to Yala National Park

We hop onboard a four wheel drive jeep, and head to Yala– perhaps the best location in Asia to observe leopards in the wild. 4 hours of safari make yous ee much of Yala’s wildlife and the crowning moment will be the top cat – leopard at Yala.

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Guided Nature Walk

In the company of an expert naturalist – take a stroll in a designated path across the wilderness, pausing to admire all that is wild and free, it’s a walk to admire nature – perhaps a walk to remember.

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Bird Watching in Bundala

A destination where many migrant birds arrive in south-east Sri Lanka, a must visit to all keen birders see observe flocks of water birds among many lagoons along with the odd elephant at Bundala.

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3 Lakes Revisited

Sri Lanka is a land of lakes, as our ancient kings believed that prosperity will be with the one who innovates to trap rain water for cultivation; here we embark on a tour to visit 3 of these amazing lakes. Almost a journey through time to observe, admire and photogr...

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