Total of three species of monkeys are found in Sri Lanka. Langurs represented by two species namely Tufted gray langur and Purple-faced leaf monkey and one macaque species namely Toque macaque. Purple-faced leaf monkey and Toque macaque is endemic to the island while gray langur can be found in India too. Gray langurs are confined to the dry zone of Sri Lanka while Purple-faced leaf monkey is confined most to the wet zone jungles. However, one species of Purple-faced leaf monkey can also be found in the dry zone. Toque macaques show island wide distribution almost all the climatic regions of the Island. Monkeys are living in family groups comprising 6-10 individuals. However, larger group up to about 25 individuals are not uncommon especially in Toque monkeys and gray langurs. Group is consist of related mature females, sub-adults, juveniles and infants of both sexes, with dominant unrelated male. The dominant male usually act as a leader of the group constantly watching the group movements and activities. Many villagers that are living in the remote areas of Sri Lanka and forest fringe communities considered monkeys as pests due to their crop raiding behavior.

  • There are 3 species of monkeys in Sri Lanka
  • Of which 2 are endemic to Sri Lanka – Toque Monkey and the Purple-face leaf Monkey
  • Monkeys are highly intelligent and social animals living in troops
  • Monkeys are fast, flexible and agile animals
  • The group is dominated by the Alpha Male

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